Voila! Mademoiselle (French for "It is accomplished, Miss!") specializes in wedding styling.

Simply put, Voila! Mademoiselle's wedding stylist is the creative director of your wedding. We decorate your Big Day with distinctive details to create a stunning, stylistic visual feast. Not to be confused with a wedding planner, a wedding stylist's focus is to create and implement the visual designs of a reception, and does not interfere with the event's organization process.

Styling a wedding requires one to balance a trained eye for aesthetics with an expert intuition for practicality, taking into considerations the weather, the time, the environment, the guests, and other minute specifics that could make or break the celebration.

Voila! Mademoiselle’s wedding stylist Liyen performs best with her signature style – classic chic, with character in the details. She also believes that the beauty of nature should never be distracted by over-the-top décor. Instead, her creative craft is always used to accentuate natural aesthetics.

Please contact us to get more information on Voila! Mademoiselle’s Wedding Styling Packages!

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