The Wedding Stylist - Liyen

Stunning visuals make lasting memory. Liyen believes in immortalising a wedding with characterised creativity that celebrates the couple, not distract from them.

Enthusiastic about personality and design, Liyen interprets her clients’ characters, quirks and love story with an artistic eye to derive original themes. She sought insights away from the usual wedding paraphernalia to study the chemistry between environment and design.

Her strength lies in marrying hues with details to create a signature style, thus injecting a fresh spin into each bridal celebration.

When not zipping about busily in wedding settings, Liyen finds rest in picturesque nature. These are also times when new ideas find her, whether in the form of a landscape bursting with colours or a charming sea shell she picked from the beach.

Feel free to take a look at Liyen’s portfolio to decide if she is the wedding stylist for you.

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